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About IEEE SSUET Computer Society

IEEE SSUET – Computer Society was founded in 2016 with an aim to provide students with endless opportunities to learn about latest development that is being made in the field of Information and Technology. We want every student to be familiar with latest trends and innovative technologies that are linked with computer sciences.

This is the reason why, IEEE SSUET – Computer Society always tries to endorse such workshops, events, and seminars that relate advance teaching of different computational technologies.

Our Team Members

Dedicated Team Members who work behind the Scene!
  • Areeb Jawaid
  • Areesha Gul
  • Muhammad Azhar
  • Batool Zehra
  • Syed Faizan Ali
  • Muhammad Farhan
  • Hamid Ali Khan
  • Maryam Zia
  • Syed Momin Naqvi
  • Muddasir Akbar
  • Dawood Shamim
  • Musadiq Chohan
  • Muzzamil Aziz
  • Sheharyar Mazhar
  • Taha Azam
  • Tanveer
  • Zaeem Chohan
  • Zeeshan
  • Umair Rashid
  • Nawazish Rabbani
  • Osama Abdullah
  • Muhammad Saad
  • Shahrukh Javed
  • Saad Chohan
  • Saad Sufiyan
  • Sadia Shah


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