Membership Benefits

Why to Become part of IEEE SSUET
IEEE members are presented with resources, opportunities and discounts that can help advance and accelerate your career. Through IEEE, you can find colleagues who share your expertise and commitment. You can be among those who are moving technology forward today. Did you ask yourself the question what aspect of your professional life would you like to strengthen? If you take a while and think by yourself you will find your answers among one of the following options:

Increase your expertise

Learn new skills and expend your knowledge by becoming part of IEEE

Network with People

Meet new people and get a chance to learn from their skills.

Advance your career

With IEEE you get a chance to advance your career and receive macadamia benefits

Build & Share Knowledge

Become a leader and share your knowledge with fellow IEEE members.

All of these are attainable as an active IEEE member. IEEE benefits have been distributed into many categories: Knowledge; Community; Profession; Other benefits which vary by region. Knowledge area aims to expand your expertise and stay current; this is done through access to the latest and best research-news, television programs, and educational resources.Community area aims to develop your global and local network; this is accomplished through a network of communication and learning that is unrivaled in the industry. Profession area aims to empower your career aspirations and skills; this can be achieved through IEEE programs that can help increase your skills, give or receive mentoring, earn scholarships and much more.